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07 July 2014

If you liked the previous post about full extreme bdsm, bondage and sex slave live cams you will certainly enjoy these FREE punishment videos from the xnxx tube. There are currently almost 13,000 porn videos in the BDSM category and more added daily. I mean shit can you imagine that many free bondage and domination videos in one place? Many of the tagged BRUTAL. So if you like extreme hardcore kink you will love xnxx porn tube. A quick search for the term “mistress” returned 9 pages full of full length videos that are 100% free! Sexy wives in latex punishing their husbands to muscular ladies spanking dudes asses raw!

In the free xnxx mistress porn video above I captured an animated gif of a mean mistress tied up her slave in the dungeon. Naked with a mask on and ball gag she punished his cock, balls and ass with a whip. I can’t even think of being this pour bastard tied up sex slave taking a whipping from his mistress wife. Sex slave videos like this are available at xnxx for you to watch no free!


01 July 2014

You cum here daily to watch sex slave videos hot naughty mistresses punishing their slaves in extreme hardcore and kinky bondage and domination porn videos. But have you ever tried it live? BDSM couples that stream across the internet via live webcams performing bdsm shows? If not you guys gotta check out these live video chats and take them private. Nothing beats a LIVE mistress dom show and it will be well worth your while. Check out these bdsm cams now!

Amateur BDSM Porn

03 June 2014

Studios like Kink and a few others are well known in the world of bdsm porn and bondage sex slave domination. They have an entire armory in San Francisco where they film some of the best extreme hardcore bdsm porn videos in dungeons and prison cells. But sometimes watching full hd studio produced hardcore just gets boring. It is the same old performers doing the same scenes. Over and over again. That’s why you need to enjoy some amateur bdsm porn at this xnxx tube. Full of the real stuff you will really enjoy this. We are talking husband sex slaves getting punished by their mistress wife in their basement. They film the action with homemade flavor that will really get you off. Watching real people and couples in extreme bdsm porn is amazing. No fake shit here, just married couples doing what they do and uploading their bondage videos to tube sites for the entire world to see and enjoy! Fuck you might even learn something!

So are you ready? With more and more people filming and sharing bdsm porn you will find something that clicks your trigger. Be a sex slave and get punished today!

Horny fuck slaves and their kinky mistresses

20 May 2014

I don’t know about you but I love checking out kinky sluts from all over the world in a nice collection of homemade porn. If you want to have fun with your cock in one hand in front of the computer, you should enter MistressKylina. There are lots of babes who are bending over to take it up the ass or kneeling to get cum on their face. If you want to have some naughty fun tonight, check out this free collection of slave bitches and their sexy mistresses. You will be able to fulfill some of your BDSM fantasies and have and orgasm like porn never gave you before.

Streaming Slave Porno

13 May 2014

The guys that visit Sex Slave Video get off watching women punishing their sex slaves. If you’re looking for türk porno than this stuff is not for you. But if you like mean mistresses chain up their slaves in dungeons and damp basements cum inside. The kinky lady ball gagged her slave slapping his ass with a leather whip before tying a rope around his balls. Mistress T had no qualms about inflicting pain on her sex slave dominating him and his flaccid cock. Click the image below to watch the full bdsm sex slave video. It’s 100% free and you will find it nowhere else! The lady is so hot too. A petite body with perky little tits. She flashed her pussy for the camera finger fucking herself. Her slave begged for forgiveness as she couldn’t help keeping him in pain for this awesome video!

What is BDSM?

01 May 2014

Many of our readers both men and women frequently email our team of bloggers with the same question. What is BSDM porn? To be perfectly honest it’s a very complex answer as bdsm sex and role playing means something different to everyone. The most straight forward way of describing bdsm is its sexual or erotic practices featuring dominance, submission, role playing, restraining all meant to sexual stimulate those involved.

BDSM is often misrepresented in the movies and on television and that’s truly a shame. The vast vast majority of men and women partaking in bondage and sex slave behavior are perfectly normal. It’s their personal way to find intense sexual arousal and when practiced in a consensual manner its a beautiful thing.

A lot of men seriously get off being sex slaves to master women. Being dominated and more they can’t resist popping huge boners while being punished. Sometimes involving a little pain. Learn more about sex slaves and bdsm here.

Mistress Delia in Control

05 April 2014

Our team of bondage and fetish addicted bloggers can’t stop or get enough of hardcore extreme slave sex videos on sites like tumblr and twitter. Last night after I checked out you tube videos at I couldn’t resist but to watch some more bdsm movies. This naughty Mistress Delia took full control of her sex slave lashing him on the ass while walking him around the dungeon on a dog collar. Delia ordered him to bark as she stuck and dug her heels into his skin. Finding real amateur slave porn like this is not fucking easy guys but we know all the secret spots!

Mistress Delia ripped her little bitches pants and underwear off wrapping his balls in rope. She tugged on his nuts while he screamed with pain. Stroking his hard throbbing cock that needed a cock ring to stay hard she pulled on him while lashing his bright red ass. Grabbing a butt plug she shoved it deep into his ass before wrapping a ball gag around his head. Some how her sex slave in all the pain managed to cum blowing a huge cumshot all over the floor. Delia forced his face into his own cum and put him back in his cage.

Sex Camgirl Kay

25 March 2014

sex camgirl kay

Watch gorgeous and kinky sex camgirl Kay online now. She wants you to be her slave and will order you around the floor as she spank your ass. Kay is a stunning blonde with a world class body. Let Kay take control of your body ripping your cock and inflicting pain on your testicles. Can you handle it? Kay is online live and ready from her bedroom wearing kinky leather lingerie and thigh high boots. Do you wanna get whipped?

Find a Mistress

12 March 2014

Guys you looking for a mistress to dominate your dick? Punish you when your behavior is bad? If so look no further than Amateurmatch! They are one of the World’s largest online dating sites filled with college girls, milfs and even bdsm loving women and couples. It’s free and easy to open an account and within minutes you can be searching through 1000s of naughty sluts to find your dominatrix. Some guys just need to feel the pain to get off. Most online adult dating sites don’t cater to extreme tastes like bondage, domination and punishment. You have nothing to lose!

Bondage Slave Video

Surfing Kink today I found this hot new bondage and sex slave video. A hot mom in latex boots and lingerie corset pinned her slave on the bedroom floor rubbing her high heels into his balls. His cock half hard he loved the pain as screaming out in pain and pleasure. The naughty mistress pushed harder while forcing a ball gag down his throat. You surely will not find this extreme porn video anywhere else guys. Take the time to enjoy it then head on over to AmateurMatch to find a mistress of your own!

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